Professional Lier - Scam mastermind


Who is this guy?

Scott Freeman is the founder and CEO of  C2CX Exchange and ITResources (ITR). 

ITR (ITResources) ??

ITResources claims to be an I.T. service provider that designs and implements I.T. systems. After digging out info about this company, people claim they were hiring the company for web design and hosting services. Other reports informed that consumers also reached out to them to design mobile games and develop call centres.

That doesn't seems like a scam

Well as consumers and businesses
are searching online for IT contractors to assist with software development, website development and other tech work, they come across an
ad for ITR, which offers very competitive pricing.

The company website looks
authentic, the representative seems well informed and communication is
consistent. They may even have a phone conversation with the CEO, who assures
them that a team of professionals will be working on the project. After the
company receives a payment to commence the job, victims either get low quality
work or, in most cases, never hear from the company again.

But what is C2CX and what is the relation between C2CX and ITR?

C2CX Exchange, claims to be a China-based digital asset exchange company (cryptocurrency exchange) which mainly trades in bitcoin.

Scott is the CEO of C2CX too.

Who has he scammed

Across the web you can find countless scam reports about C2CX and ITResources. 

Scammed amounts vary a lot but, most reports goes from 4,000 to 27,000+ USD

Scam reports

I’m a crypto trader that wanted to make a new logo for a trader’s company with a group called IT Resources, found them through LinkedIn and other websites, thought this was a nice idea because this is a “decent” company, I’ve seen these guys all over internet with a lot of advertising. Talked with them and they said to pay half first and the other one when the job is done and I did, paid them about 2k and they disappear, it took more than 4 weeks so I called, with them saying that they don’t know who I was, sent them the TXID with screenshots of our conversation and they said that was not them. OBVIOUSLY were them, so I got mad and told them to pay my money. 

The CEO of C2CX Scott Freeman made an ICO pool, he offered the deal to everyone on his private group, the guys promised everyone 2x ROI, so I sent him 6k just to start. I was feeling good with this deal, hes plan was to make one himself and list it on his exchange to dump on the users, well when the ico came it was a madness, It did x0.3 ROI which means my 6k is now 2k. After this, he didn’t make refund or even talked about, when I tried to make a ticket, support didn’t even now what I meant. Contact him privately and I was blocked. 

Got a withdraw pending with C2CX them for 3 weeks, sent all they need to make a valid ticket, they asked for my ID, my passport numbers and photo, escalated the issue several times and even talked with live support. One day they told me the ticket is “Solved” and they closed, which is [censored]ed because I still not have my money. The only thing left is to report this abuse, these people stealing and manipulating people. they didn’t even replay anymore of what I say, Scott freeman behind this was the red flag and I ignored. 

on c2cx, The problem started when I tried to withdraw all my coins and I couldn’t, opened 4 tickets already and they always say the same “Site just went into maintenance” which is stupid, its been 3 weeks with this issue and I need my money back

Coin listed in C2CX crypto exchange was on I’m interest. Signed up just to buy it then I wanted to withdraw and my account got blocked, made some calls and couldn’t find a online support, wrote emails nothing until I got in contact with the ceo Scott freeman and he couldn’t help me, he said “we are under maintenance until futher notice” that was 6 weeks ago, wrote him again recently and I found out im blocked, lost 5k with this exchange later I found that in some forums similar stories to mine, exit scam is what they are doing here.